Brand Identity / Packaging
Food + Beverage
As the first vegan restaurant in Qatar, Evergreen Organics made its debut, bringing jungle vibes to the heart of The Pearl, in Doha, Qatar. The client had a very strong vision of a welcoming, natural and authentic space for people to enjoy and the branding needed to be in harmony with the space. The mission and essence of the brand is to introduce an alternative healthy lifestyle to the local community. We were asked to create a brand that embodies all that the restaurant stands for.
Healthy living is for everyone and so we wanted to be able to speak everyone’s language; the typography and brand language is friendly, conversational and witty, giving off chilled vibes. Alluding to the fact that it is the first ever vegan and organic cafe in the country, the logo is a single leaf that subtly makes the outline of our beloved country, Qatar. All the content on the packaging, walls, menu and uniforms, radiates with comforting, warm and “good for the soul” messaging that everyone can easily identify with. The finishing pays particular attention to detail, using woods, rope and beautiful paper, giving an authentic yet contemporary farmers market feel. Evergreen Organics nourishes all the way through and through.