Brand Identity / Print
Healthcare / Non-Profit
Centered around the welfare, well-being and development of children with special needs in Palestine, The Palestinian Happy Child Centre for Children with Special Needs is a place of hope, support and growth. The existing brand needed an identity face-lift to be developed in a way that is internationally credible, positive and approachable whilst remaining true to the innocence of these children.
As each child at the centre is unique, we looked at unconventional shapes to represent them. Far from standard circles and squares, the unconventional shapes were combined in a symbolic way of celebrating the children for exactly who they are and their progress at the centre. When combined, the shapes collectively form a silhouette of a happy, jumping child that is positive and able. The shapes are also used throughout the brand in various sizes; individually and collectively, to create a loose and bold identity. Using a bright and vibrant colour palette helps feed the soul with positivity. This logo gave the organisation an uplifting and credible face that will resonate with the donors and general public alike.