Brand Identity / Interior Design / Packaging
Fashion + Beauty
A Square is a retail space that was conceived by two friends that share a passion for fashion, art and beautiful objects from home and around the world. The client asked us to create an interior space that could showcase a wide range of items in a chic, yet industrial way and a brand that represents them and their concept while appealing to an Arabic and international target audience.
Due to the contemporary nature of the project where styles of items in the shop will stylishly clash, we first sought to find a name that was simple, and represented both partners. A Square was chosen as ‘A’ is the initial to both partners names. Triangles and geometric patterns found in Arabic heritage and culture are included throughout the brand and interior space in a minimalistic and sophisticated manner. This concept store, with its ultimate attention to detail, provides the shoppers with a unique and interesting shopping experience. The space is adorned with concrete, black wood, gold and glass; combining and contrasting industrial with sleek and contemporary vibes. The eclectic collection of items within a sophisticated space, brings the brand’s identity and tone to life.