Brand Identity / Packaging
Fashion + Beauty
Rima Mardan, a jewelry designer with a unique style, combines classic and modern chic in a refreshing way. Rima wanted a brand that spoke to the modern day Middle Eastern urban woman who is style-conscious and presentable, yet slightly unconventional in her fashion choices. We were asked to create a brand and packaging that would box her jewelry in a refined way.
We created a brand mark that combines a modern font with a hand-crafted signature style font that reflects Rima Mardan’s design approach. The combination of colours that we used; muted purples, black and an accent of gold, gives the brand a modern regal feel. The packaging design is clean and simple, yet distinctive and classy. Inside these elegantly designed boxes are one-of-a-kind pieces that can be mixed and matched in unique, eclectic ways that are personal to your own expression.