Brand Identity
Art + Culture
In the rapidly growing world of eSports, a new tournament was born to play host to some of the world’s leading games, DOTA2, CSGO, eFootball PES series, and Street Fighter V. The global eSports competition in Qatar will take place over 3 years from 2020 to 2022. With the competition beginning in earnest, and scheduled to be concluded in Global Games Great Final in December 2020.

Aspire Zone Foundation in partnership with Wega and Truxton Capital wanted a global brand that stood out from the vast array of eSports competitions that already exist around the world. They wanted a fresh brand, fresh colours, clean and engaging, a brand that could live with and support the leading games on the globe, and also to be inspired by Qatari culture.

We needed to create a brand that would attract avid gamers to participate in the tournament, and spectators to attend the main event of the Finals in Doha.
After delving into the world of eSports, their games and tournaments, and having discussions with avid gamers, we began brainstorming. The brand concept was inspired by the traditional Qatari sport of Falconry, with the main brand form taken directly from the falcon’s beautiful pattern on its feathers. We then linked key words from Falconry and the actions of Gamers: swift, sharp, strategic, focus and the hunt. With these key words and our key brand element we began to look at the brand mark. The two G’s represent two worlds, that of reality and that of the games themselves, linking them together as these worlds will be forever connected.

This energetic and dynamic brand is supported by a simple yet vivid colour palette that is reinforced with strong, bold typography and imagery. Another key aspect of the brand are the gamers themselves. It is their world, no matter of creed, colour, physique or status, everyone is equal and the brand brings them to the forefront, using engaging language that has some attitude. Nobody is afraid of anyone in the world of GG. A global brand, for a global audience.