3d Animation / Brand Identity / Brand Language / Campaign / Graphic Design / Illustration / Print / Public Art
Art + Culture / Qatar Museum
Qatar Museums is Qatar’s preeminent institution for art and culture, dedicated to providing authentic cultural experiences through an expanding network of museums, heritage sites, festivals, public art and programming. Qatar Museums offer their visitors and patrons a wide variety of exclusive cultural experiences and financial benefits through a free/paid membership programme called Culture Pass. The programme was introduced to the public via soft launch in 2019 as it was lightly promoted through organic social media channels.

The public perception of Culture Pass was limited even with a base of 35,800 members. Museum entry has always been free for residents and locals, however recently, admission fees have been introduced. Our challenge was to re-launch the Culture Pass and introduce it back into the marketplace to promote the benefits and gain new members.

We approached the task by completely redefining and rebranding the Culture Pass cards and brand language by creating a ‘Culture Pass world’. We used brand elements from the Qatar Museums brand and translated it into an exciting 3D world filled with characters and cultural icons.

We launched a 360 campaign in December 2021 to drive traffic to the QM website, which resulted in a large surge of online traffic and converted many visitors into members.