Brand Identity / Interior Design / Naming / Packaging
Food + Beverage
Palm dates are an age-old consumable that are well established in Qatari culture but with no clear brand leaders. A local entrepreneur approached us to name, brand, package and design a retail space for his premium dates. The main product on offer is the prized Medjool dates, widely known to be the king of dates due to their large size and delightful taste. There are dozens of different fillings, including chocolate, cardamon, pistachio, and different types of nuts. The client set the challenge of not only appealing to the traditional client base of locals but to also target expatriates, who are more unfamiliar with the product.
Qinwan was born. The meaning of the name is taken from the Arabic term for the branch that palm dates grow on. We developed a simple, yet memorable logo and use illustrations for the brand language. The idea of using illustrations as the brand language gives us the freedom to alter the appearance of the packaging to appeal to the wide range of consumers and adapt to various events throughout the year. Every Qinwan box tells a different story. Whether you are looking for a traditional box of dates or a fresh, trendy looking box, there is a Qinwan for you. Qinwans ethos of going above and beyond the expected, always paying close attention to their dates and to design. Qinwan is renowned for its professional service, outstanding products, and beautiful packaging. Qinwan is now the market leader in its field in Qatar.