Brand Identity / Packaging
Food + Beverage
We were approached by Mazaya Agro, a hydroponics farm located in Oman, to create a brand identity that would emphasize on Omani local produce that is fresh, premium and nutritious. Creating their own benchmark, we were asked to create a brand platform strategy, naming, design and packaging.
After conducting deep research on regional and international comparables, studying the business thoroughly and direct meetings and workshops with the client, we worked closely to develop their brand platform which sets the tone of voice, mission, vision, and values of the company. Upon approving this, after many rounds of naming, we developed a modern unique brand name “Orro Farms”. Orro Farms was generated by combining the first two letters of the words organic and roots. The name is friendly, balanced and memorable, whilst also being directly representative of the business. From a visual design perspective, this brand is all about freshness. It looks fresh, it feels fresh and it definitely tastes fresh. The idea to use a waterline is to introduce the consumer to understand hydroponics. The packaging is clean and transparent like water and the product whilst also being modern and elegant. The brand mark is organic, and the double “r’s” look like growing branches. Orro Farms is fresh and alive.